Friday, August 15, 2014


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LiFe_XVIBE_v09 : Recovery installation - Download
LiFe_XVIBE_v05 : PC installation (full flash) - Download
Thanks to lonovo-forums.ru

Russian Customise Ultra Lite firmware.
Proprietary firmware in the style of the club.
Assembled on the basis P780_S221_140729_ROW Android 4.4.2
Fits on any ROW firmware via TWRP Recovery.
full translation into Russian, Ukrainian, English.

Changes in the firmware
> removed:
CamCard / CamScanner
Kingsoft Office
Cloud storage Lenovo Cloud
Antivirus Norton Mobile Security
Navigation System Route 66 Maps + Navigation
Skype ™
Shop Gameloft Store
Little Big City
Chrome - replaced by Opera
UCBrowser - replaced by the most recent
News & Weather
In general, deleted almost 200MB "right" software ...

Additional click Restart (Normal or rekaveri) in Power Menu
Added support for online order
Added support for live wallpapers from the network
Manager in order to wean from the internal memory card
Regained the ability to connect the machine as a SD card
ROOT + RootShell + Busybox
init.d optional
Rekaveri TWRP
Powerful BackUp with root privileges
File manager with root privileges
Something like that then, remember I will add

What does not work:
There were no non-working modules

Installing v09:

  1. You must have insalled LiFe v05 (if you don't have or don't know how to install v05, please search in the menu of the blog, section ROM);
  2. Download firmware archive - you will find it at the beginning of this post;
  3. Copy it to the root of the SD card;
  4. Go to Recovery; 
  5. Press the Install button;
  6. Select the firmware archive;
  7. Move the slider to start the installation;
  8. After the installation is done, you can do some wipe;
  9. Restart > Enjoy.


Can I swap 3g between sim 1 and sim 2?

I will ask to my colleagues, and return the answer for you.

Arifin, it is not possible to swap 3G between SIM cards on this ROM.

Is this for 4GB or 8 GB version? For 8GB version, can I use the rekaveri method?

Imza, the ROM is just for 4GB phone only.
Best regards,

Thanks for the clarification

I have SLXROM installed over Life v05. Do I have to reflash Life v05 to install this ROM or can I install this from recovery?

Gughan, you can install from recovery, skipping the 1st step.

I have just one tiny problem with this ROM.. I can't seem to restore my backup files from Titanium Backup.. it tells me that the superuser binary is out of date. Since i couldn't update the su binary with the given superuser and since im not such a big fan of the cwm superuser, i flashed Chainfire's SuperSU. But problem is, I still can't update the binary. root access is present, but i'm not able to update it. can u help?

Gughan, one of my colleagues form Softpedia Forum had the same problem, but he don't remember how he solved. Try to reinstall the ROM, or change the root method.

I tried both with no success.. please let me know if you come across some other solution. Thanks!!

Downloaded the full flash version. Password protected. May I know the password? Thanks.

Winston Lu, please try again.
I've changed the servers.

Hi Alex,
If i'm using X Vibe Rom can i do a flash via recovery? without first step?

Hello Huntsman,
No, you have to to the first step also.
LiFe-XVIBE is an upgrade from LiFe, so it is not the same platform like XVIBE.

Thanks Alex,
So i can use either
A) TWRP restore my old LifeROm then perform flash via recovery or
B) do a full flash using SP Tools

You make full flash for v05, and after that install v09 with recovery.
If you already have v05, just install v09 with TWRP ;)

I've been using this ROM for about a week (previously been on LiFe v0.5) and I'm going to get rid of it as soon as possible. The touch interface was definitely working better in v0.5, the battery life was better and some of the applications just behave weirdly with this ROM (Viber has issues, I loose some settings after I restart the phone, random "android.process.media" crashes and other issues). Installed from a completely clean state, caches and /data wiped and everything. This is sadly one of the worst ROMs I've ever tried.

With vibeui version. What to do?


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