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- tested ROM -

Developer : Xakep

Date : 20.01.2014

Details : based on VIBEROM_V1.0_1403_6_ST_P780_NK_6A1F / Lenovo S650 - S960
Score : AnTuTu 13852
Language : EN, RU, CN

Additions :
- Root
- RootShell
- Busybox
- init.d

There are no Chinese apps.

Bugs : -

Instructions :
1. Download .zip from:  AICI;
2. Unzip it to PC;
3. Run Flash_tool.exe din folder-ul " FlashTool ";
4. Check DA DL All With Check Sum  IMPORTANT !!!;
5. Press Scatter-loading;
6. Choose MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt form "target_bin" folder;
7. Press: Firmware -> Upgrade;
8. After pressing Upgrade button connect the phone to PC (phone shoud be off);
9. Wait till will appear a green circle, and then you can disconect it;
10. Restart and Enjoy!

Further additions (patch):

Settings >> System >> Battery
Settings >> System >> More ... >> Settings IP-set
Settings >> System >> profiles >> Sound Smart sound

Instructions :
1. Donwload Patch_Settings_for_SmartSound.zip form : DOWNLOAD or from AICI;
2. Copy Patch_Settings_for_SmartSound.zip on the phone memory or SD;
3. Reboot to Recovery (Power + volume up + volume down);
4. Install Patch_Settings_for_SmartSound.zip;
5. Swipe to flash;
6. Wipe cache / dalvik;  IMPORTANT !!!
7. Reboot system.

* Thanks to veman!


- China verssion and RU verssion - 

Just for those who have Chinese ROM version!!!*
*for other ROM's please read at the end of page

Version 3.12.27
Download: http://tinyw.in/afaO or http://en.miui.com/download-91.html - Official Site: http://en.miui.com/


  1. Put the zip on SD;
  2. Reboot to Recovery;
  3. Backup the actual ROM + settings;
  4. Wipe Cache and then Wipe Dalvik;
  5. Install the ROM from zip;
  6. Wipe cache and Dalvik;
  7. Reboot and Enjoy!

More info are on needrom.

Step 1: Download the custom ROM copied to an external SD card root directory
Step 2: the shutdown state. While holding down:
            – Power button + volume button up, to enter the recovery mode.
            – Wipe Data / Factory Reset -> delete all user data
            – Wipe Cache Partition -> Wipe cache
Step 3: Return to recovery main interface Install zip from sdcard -> choose zip from sdcard -> Select your ROM
Step 4: Brush complete, restart the phone Patience required – first boot takes a while

MIUI themes http://tinyw.in/05zu

For those with Russian ROM:

Download: HERE


  1. Put the zip on SD;
  2. Reboot to Recovery;
  3. Backup the actual ROM + settings (optional);
  4. Wipe Cache, Data and then Wipe Dalvik;
  5. Install the ROM from zip;
  6. Wipe cache and Dalvik;
  7. Reboot and Enjoy!

For those with Russian ROM, for more info, please read HERE

Muse 3.0 ROM

Muse 3.0

Lenovo P780

Android Version: 4.2
ROM Version : P780_CH.1.01.620
Official ROM : based on S125

Download: http://tinyw.in/laKa

More info: http://tinyw.in/72ht

Thursday, January 23, 2014

SLX ROM v.21/2x

SLX ROM v.21b/2x - tested

Original Forum - RU http://tinyw.in/ybOu

The only firmware (so far) that allows switching 3G from SIM to another.

To install SLX, first time install LiFe ROM that give you access to TWRP and then you can install SLX from Recovery.

Some key features: 

Clean Android without pre-installed apps from third parties; 
Root access; 
Chinese Soft eliminated; 
Google Play with all updates; 
APN updated; 
Aplerare FotoID in full screen; 
Function Clear - Celemi latest applications - with long press Home; 
Engineering Mode available in the developer - Settings - Options; 
HDR Camera 4.3; 
Recorded 1080p in MP4 format;

Download: http://tinyw.in/gKJp or from HERE

Update v21>v21b: http://tinyw.in/WT9H or from HERE

  1. Copy SLX (archive) on phone memory or SD. 
  2. Phone restarts in Recovery. 
  3. Wipe data;
  4. Install the ROM and then wipe data again. 
  5. Reboot the phone.
In case that the installation from Recovery does not work, install CWM or TWRP, then install the archive with one of them.

For Update from v21 to v21b:

  1. Put the archive on SD;
  2. Reboot in recovery;
  3. Backup the acrual ROM + settings;
  4. Install the zip from the SD;
  5. Reboot.
For more details read at least the first 3 pages from the Russian forum posted above.

SLX v22!!!

  1. Download arhives from AICI.
  2. Put the archives SLXROM_v22-Lenovo_P780.zip and update.zipon phone or SD card storage.
  3. Restart in recovery (TWRP).
  4. From TWRP choose first SLXROM_v22-Lenovo_P780.zip and then update.zip for installing. Then Swipe to Install.
  5. At the end Wipe/Advanced Wipe and choose: Dalvik Cache, Cache and Data.
  6. Reboot/System, and have fun.

SLX v23!!!

Full ROM v23 -> http://yadi.sk/d/RJeaXGirHMFzH
Update from v22 to v23 -> http://yadi.sk/d/g4dxPjMkHMG6k

  1. Download archive from AICI or from above links.
  2. If you don't have already the v22 ROM, please follow the steps from v22 instaling guide: TWRP>install>select the archive with the ROM>swipe to install>wipel;
  3. If you already have the v22 ROM, please intall the Update: TWRP>Install>choose the Update archive>swipe to install>wipe.

SLX v.24a
For more info: http://tinyw.in/x1mt
Download: HERE
The changes are not so important, do I decided that is not necessary to put again the installing instructions.

SLX v25

- Fix threads ;
- Fixed black background icon in the Market ;
- Improved theme Phone .

- Fixed crash Google Maps ;
- Minor fixes Topics .

- New, exclusive theme based KitKat (new screenshots up) ;
- Added an exclusive tool for unlocking the screen of GravityBox (version 2.9.8 in GravityBox disappeared able to unlock in any direction. Screenshots in the header);

- Updated to the current version of the program.

Download: v25b
v25 Folder (all versions)

Have fun!


Frequently Asked Questions (from the Softpedia Forum):

Many thanks for participants on P780's Topic for making ​​possible to solve the problems, (sorry if I missed anyone). 
veman, badmania98, Razor1911, ga8r13llitt05, VadesMale, opo

All the archives that are mentioned below are HERE

1How do I make possible forwarding between SIM cards? (# 26)
A: The phone is dual SIM - dual standby, when you talk on one SIM card and you are called on 2nd, you will not be noticed. To be noticed while you're called on 2nd SIM , you must forward calls from a number on the other one.

2. No Wi-Fi network works from home, but other networks works. What happens? (# 39/40) 
A: DNS problem - there are not received automatically. Set IP and DNS manually, then you can use that to wifi without any restriction.

It has 3G in 900mHz? (# 46) 
A: The Europe variant it has. Chinese variant could not enable.

SIM 2 it's not working, sees network but no signal at all. (# 43) 
A: Software problems. Requires Upgrade (for LiFe software).

Screen problems (it blinks, etc..). (# 43) 
A: Software problems. Info and fix: http://tinyw.in/HHnD

The phone is freezing/locking. (# 59) 
A: Possible cause - old Orange or Cosmote SIM cards . Require changing. Attention to card series. (# 64)

7. Camera gives force close. (#69)

A: "download  and install Root explorer. Once you have it download aplication Lenovo SuperCamera  (http://www73.zippysh...80250/file.html) into your SD card. Use your root explorer and and change permission of your directory system/app to RW ( standard should be R). Copy super camera .apk by using root explorer to  system/app directory. Change permission to the file to rwx for all user and reboot system. Once rebooted use again root explorer and double click on your super camera.apk. System will ask if you want to overwirite stndard system application. Agree and proceed to installation. "
8. Personal Hotspot gives force close (#69)
A: Download and install Root explorer. Once you have it download aplication Tether.apk into your SD card. Use your root explorer and and change permission of your directory system/app to RW ( standard should be R). Copy Tether.apk by using root explorer to  system/app directory. Change permission to the file to rwx for all user and reboot system.*
* according to VadesMale

9. SmartRoll function. What does? (#78)
A: You will find this function in the video presentation.

10. How to enter in Engineering Mode? (#114)
A: System Settings -> All Settings -> Developer Options (ON) -> Engineer Mode Settings.

11. Various tests. (#115)
A: For various tests type directly from dialer  ####1111#.

12. Lenovo Drivers (if is not working please read Q21):
A: Go to http://tinyw.in/oPmI for more info. You can download from here https://mega.co.nz/#F!ydBjWJba!a7iqQl6rINRDs1yLGQ_YOg.
For Win8, right click>Run as administrator. (set the compatibility for Win Xp SP3 for the exe file, and then Run as administratorr*)
*according #388

13. Contact ManagerNewVersion Available error. (#258)
A: When it's installed a Custom ROM/unofficial one, the updates may come harder, depending on developer. In order not to be bothered by the message update is necessary blocking internet access to applications that require update.

14. How can I change the notification LED's color?
A: The notification LED has just 3 colors: 
Green - the phone is on battery (or is no longer charged) and you have a new message/missed call; 
Red - Phone is charging; 
Orange - the phone is charging and you have a message/missed call.

15: The battery is removable? (# 319) 
A: The battery is not removable, but it can be changed.

16. Open source Code. (#378?)
A: You can download from here: http://tinyw.in/r0vh - section downloads.

17. Mediatek Tool. (# 435) * 
A: It can be downloaded HERE - (good for IMEI restore, after a backup beforehand). 
* Thanks Razor1911

18. How to enter in Recovery? 
A: VolUp + PowerButton + VolDown. All presseed at the same time.

19. Troubleshooting Invalid IMEI. (# 703/704/705) 
A: Tutorial: http://tinyw.in/dhEm or wiyh Mobileuncle Tools.

20. How Mute Power On sound? (# 723) 
A: Sound Settings >> General >> Audio profiles / Outdoor >> Power audio playback - unchecked.

21. Troubleshooting Win7 drivers . ( # 734 )
A: The procedure is as follows :

  1. In Windows - > Control Panel, open Device Manager;
  2. Click on the name of the PC (become active menus above);
  3. From the Action menu  select "Add legacy hardware";
  4. Hardware Wizard opens click Next;
  5. Select "Install the hardware that i manually select from a list (Advanced)";
  6. Click twice and then click the button "Have Disk";
  7. Click browse and find .inf driver file, then select it (usb2ser_Win764.inf - in my case - I have win7 64-bit);
  8. Click Open and then OK. You will see drivers listed. Select the driver, and then click Next and complete the installation. I have used "MediaTek USB Preloader VCOM Port";
  9. You can install them all if you are unsure. In Device Manager will appear the triangle with an exclamation mark. No problem and you do not mind, it activates when connecting USB;
  10. When using SP flash tool, you have communication ( IMPORTANT - Do not connect the USB cable before giving the final order firmware upgrade and be patient until you see the green circle - take some time).
  11. ROM installation procedure LiFe 03 and the update to the 04-05 has been described extensively in previous post links .

You can download the files that contain .inf folder ( win7 folder) here : http://tinyw.in/BrzC
Other drivers: http://ge.tt/3NF6Vuf/v/0 (# 747)

22. IMEI verification. (#805)
A:You can verify the IMEI here: www.imei.info, imei-number.com

23. IMEI solutin(# 821)
A: You can use Droid Root MTK & Tools v2.4.8. *
* According Razor1911

24. Solving IMEI/W-LAN MAC problem (# 825)
A: For those who have given or plan to give a Factory Reset and lost IMEI and WLAN MAC address, in the archive you will find useful information to solve the problem.

25. How do I change the language if is Chinese by default? (# 832) * 
A: Follow the instructions below:

1. Go to Settings:

2. Tap second tab, then go down till you see the pencil Imagine publicată

3. Tap on first option and choose the language:

*According to opo's posting

26. How to remove Google search bar (ROM SLX)? (# 894) * 
A: Follow the instructions below: 

  1. Titaniumbackup installed, start it and give as root; 
  2. Go to Backup / Restore; 
  3. Looking GoogleSearch; 
  4. Click on the icon> Freeze (deactivates). You can activate it later. You can uninstalled it but I not recommend; 
  5. After reboot will disappear the semitransparent place left. 

NOTE: Removing's search bar does not allow placing more icons on desktop. 
PS: This method can be used for any application in the system. 
* Thanks opo

27. How do I install a different driver (modem, etc.)? (# 1050) 
A: follow the instructions: 

  1. Copy the driver to the phone (SD); 
  2. Go into recovery; 
  3. Choose Install; 
  4. Choose the driver copied; 
  5. Install it; 
  6. Wipe; 
  7. Restart. 

NOTE: Archive modems can be found HERE

28. Poor volume in headsets. What should I do? (#1728)
R: For those who notice poor volume in headsets, try this: 
"I did the following from MobileUncle Tools:
1. engineer mode --> engineer mode (mtk) --> Hardware Testing tab --> Audio --> Normal Mode;
2. select [sph];
3. changed:
•lvl 6 = 155 (was 136)
•lvl 5 = 140 (was 124)
•lvl 4 = 125 (was 112)
•lvl 3 = 110 (was 100)
•lvl 2 = 100 (was 88)
•lvl 1 = 86 (was 76)
•lvl 0 = 75 (was 64)
4. Repeat the same: select [sph2];
5. Back to Speech Enhancement > changed Common Parametre to Normal Mode;
6. Selected parametre 7, set to 96 (was 64);
7. selected parametre 6, set to 300 (was 400), supposedly adds a bit more bass to the audio;

I have noticed a significant volume boost during calls and it sounds more natural!"

29. How to put the apps on external SD card? (#2372)
R: For those who want to move the apps on the esternal SD card, follow these steps:
1. You have to install App2SD;
2. For App2SD to see the external SD card you have to checkfrom options din storage/default write disk/external storage; (if you willcheck built-in then app2sd will see just the internal si built in storage).

Attention, if you have installed apps in built in storage, after the check mentioned above, those apps will disappear.
The recommendation is to move all the apps from build in storage to external storage.

See posts 2304, 2306, 2308, 2290,2294 from the Softpedia forum.

30. Resolving the lost IMEI (#816)
R: In case you lost your IMEi after an installation, and you use a writing soft to have the IMEI again, you have a problem. You don't know the second IMEI. On the box is just the IMEi from the fisrt SIM.
The idea is this: Both IMEI numbers are the same, except the last digits.
So if the first IMEI it ends with 19 (for example), to find out the last 2 digits for the second IMEI you have toad 1 at the penultimate digit and subtract 2 to the last digit, resulting 27:

1. IMEI 1 = 19
2. 1+1=2 and  9-2=7 2+7=9 < 10
3. IMEI 2= 27

If the penultimate digit form IMEI 1 is 9, it results 9+1=0 but you will add 1 on the digit before penultimate digit:
1. IMEI 1 = 299
2.IMEI 2 =  307

If the last 2 resulting digits for IMEI 2, add up, are greater or equal with 10, then the last digit from IMEI 2 will be less with 1.

Example 1:
1. IMEI 1 = 50
2. 5+1=6 and 0-2=8
3.  6+8=14 >10 so the last digit is 8-1=7
4. IMEI 2= 67

Example 2:
1. IMEI 1 = 38
2. 3+1=4 and 8-2 = 6
3. 4+6=10  =10  so last digit is 6-1=5
4. IMEI 2 = 45.

LiFe v0.3/0.x+

LiFe V0.3/0.x ROM 
- tested -

Here you will find some information about LiFe V0.3/0.x ROM for the Lenovo P780 (tested)

LiFe V0.3/0.x - tested - original post lenovo-forums.ru

Many thanks to: 

Xakep (lenovo forum ru)
veman (softpedia)

It can be installed directly form PC.

ROM modifications:

Deleted applications : (you can install those directly from Play Store)

  • AccuWeather
  • CamCard / CamScanner
  • Evernote
  • Facebook
  • Kingsoft Office
  • Cloud storage Lenovo Cloud
  • Antivirus Norton Mobile Security
  • Route 66 Maps + Navigation
  • Skype
  • Twitter
  • Asphalt 7
  • Block Breaker 3
  • Shop Gameloft Store
  • Little Big City
  • Instruction for beginners
  • Books
  • Chrome
  • UCBrowser
  • News and Weather
  • Gmail
  • Maps
  • Pictures Wallpapers
  • LenovoLog
  • LenovoOTA
  • LenovoMagazines
  • Additional themes
  • Google+
  • Street
  • Talk
  • YouTube
  • Removed icons 3G, G near antenna;
  • The size of the user memory increased to 0.9 Gb;
  • The size of the internal SD card is left unchanged : 1.5 Gb;
  • Additional Restart tab (Normal or Recovery) in the Power Menu;
  • Additional items in Settings, "Battery", "Startup", "Engineering menu";
  • Modem.img patched to solve 2G;
  • ROOT + RootShell + Busybox;
  • init.d optional;
  • All firmware is oversubscribed certificates AOSP;
  • Recovery TWRP;
  • Powerful BackUp with root privileges;
  • File manager with root privileges.

(no bugs reported)

1. Dowload the ZIP archive from here : 
Lenovo p780 or http://tinyw.in/Ikpv;
2. Unzip it on PC  > the password is "vlad ";
3. Run Flash_tool.exe from "SP_Flash_Tool" forlder;
4. Ckeck DA DL All With Check Sum  IMPORTANT !!!;
5. Press Scatter-loading;
6. Choose MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt file from "target_bin" folder;
7. Press Firmware -> Upgrade.

8. Connect the phone (turned off) to PC, after pressing Upgrade.

OBS: he phone may be turned off when you will connect it to PC. The drivers must be installed. More info HERE

There are some updates v0.3 -> v0.4 -> v0.5. (LiFe_Update_v03-v04_to_v05.zip or http://www.girlshare.ro/32878429.1)

The updates can installed from recovery.*
1. Pun the .zip with the update on SD; 
2. In TWRP press install from zip;
3. Choose the archive;
4. Swipe to flash (it takes some seconds);
5. Restart.
*Source: SofpediaForum

!!!LiFe V0.7
You can download from http://tinyw.in/GOgo

Instructions :
1. download the .zip from here: 
2. Unzip it on PC;
3. Run Flash_tool.exe form "SP_Flash_Tool" folder;
4. Check DA DL All With Check Sum  IMPORTANT !!!;
5. Press Scatter-loading;
6. Chose MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt from "target_bin" folder;
7. Press Firmware -> Upgrade.

8. Connect the phone (turned off) to PC, after pressing Upgrade.

More info: Forum Lenovo RU

This ROM it's from Lenovo Forum Rusia and it's not made by me!

!!!New version of Calendar:
1. Put the LenovoCalendar_2.0.500.1023_AOSP.zip archive on SD;
2. Reboot to recovery;
3. Install zip -> flash LenovoCalendar_2.0.500.1023_AOSP.zip in recovery;
4. Wipe cache / dalvik;
5. Reboot;
(6) Replace the calendar widget (is it's necessary).

!!!IdeaFriend New Version:
1. Put the archiveon SD;
2. Reboot to recovery;
3. Install zip -> flash IdeaFriend_v1.18.468.1104.04351_hdpi_AOSP.zip;
4. Wipe cache / dalvik;
5. Reboot.
I recommend to make a backup from recovery before install the new version of Contact Manager.

!!!Lenovo Launcher 3.2.3 :
Download: http://www.girlshare.ro/32989244.2 or from HERE

1. Flash in recovery, wipe (like in other cases).
You can keep some settings if you will backup the current launcher settings and then make a recovery in the new version.
News :
Online download themes;
Online download wallpaper;

Online download recommended apps;
Online update installed applications;
More visual effects, transitions;
Interface optimization.

!!!Lenovo Launcher 3.8.6:

Lenovo Launcher 3.8.6 it's from Vibe Z 
( https://www.youtube....yyrZ75NSY#t=199 )

For those who want to test it: DOWNLOAD

Instructions for installation:

1. BACKUP in Recovery (to prevent any issues);
2. Root browser;
3. Copy the .apk in system/app;
4. Delete old launcher;
5. Rename the copied .apk and set the permissions 0644;
6. Reboot in recovery -> wipe dalvik/cache.


Download : http://www.girlshare.ro/32990685.2 or from HERE

It contains :
1. LenovoMusic_v2.3.142.1014.ee5a4_AOSP.zip;
2. LenovoPower_1.3.10.0820_for_recovery.zip (it have to be tested, if it have some positive or negative influences (the battery life, speed, memory, etc.);
3. LenovoSafeCenter_4.2.6_for_recovery.zip (firewall, withoutantivirus).

All of them will be installed from recovery, and then wipe.

!!!Lenevo Update

Some Lenovo Apps updated. Download or AICI


All of them will be installed from recovery.

Please make backups before each modification!!!