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LiFe v0.3/0.x+

LiFe V0.3/0.x ROM 
- tested -

Here you will find some information about LiFe V0.3/0.x ROM for the Lenovo P780 (tested)

LiFe V0.3/0.x - tested - original post lenovo-forums.ru

Many thanks to: 

Xakep (lenovo forum ru)
veman (softpedia)

It can be installed directly form PC.

ROM modifications:

Deleted applications : (you can install those directly from Play Store)

  • AccuWeather
  • CamCard / CamScanner
  • Evernote
  • Facebook
  • Kingsoft Office
  • Cloud storage Lenovo Cloud
  • Antivirus Norton Mobile Security
  • Route 66 Maps + Navigation
  • Skype
  • Twitter
  • Asphalt 7
  • Block Breaker 3
  • Shop Gameloft Store
  • Little Big City
  • Instruction for beginners
  • Books
  • Chrome
  • UCBrowser
  • News and Weather
  • Gmail
  • Maps
  • Pictures Wallpapers
  • LenovoLog
  • LenovoOTA
  • LenovoMagazines
  • Additional themes
  • Google+
  • Street
  • Talk
  • YouTube
  • Removed icons 3G, G near antenna;
  • The size of the user memory increased to 0.9 Gb;
  • The size of the internal SD card is left unchanged : 1.5 Gb;
  • Additional Restart tab (Normal or Recovery) in the Power Menu;
  • Additional items in Settings, "Battery", "Startup", "Engineering menu";
  • Modem.img patched to solve 2G;
  • ROOT + RootShell + Busybox;
  • init.d optional;
  • All firmware is oversubscribed certificates AOSP;
  • Recovery TWRP;
  • Powerful BackUp with root privileges;
  • File manager with root privileges.

(no bugs reported)

1. Dowload the ZIP archive from here : 
Lenovo p780 or http://tinyw.in/Ikpv;
2. Unzip it on PC  > the password is "vlad ";
3. Run Flash_tool.exe from "SP_Flash_Tool" forlder;
4. Ckeck DA DL All With Check Sum  IMPORTANT !!!;
5. Press Scatter-loading;
6. Choose MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt file from "target_bin" folder;
7. Press Firmware -> Upgrade.

8. Connect the phone (turned off) to PC, after pressing Upgrade.

OBS: he phone may be turned off when you will connect it to PC. The drivers must be installed. More info HERE

There are some updates v0.3 -> v0.4 -> v0.5. (LiFe_Update_v03-v04_to_v05.zip or http://www.girlshare.ro/32878429.1)

The updates can installed from recovery.*
1. Pun the .zip with the update on SD; 
2. In TWRP press install from zip;
3. Choose the archive;
4. Swipe to flash (it takes some seconds);
5. Restart.
*Source: SofpediaForum

!!!LiFe V0.7
You can download from http://tinyw.in/GOgo

Instructions :
1. download the .zip from here: 
2. Unzip it on PC;
3. Run Flash_tool.exe form "SP_Flash_Tool" folder;
4. Check DA DL All With Check Sum  IMPORTANT !!!;
5. Press Scatter-loading;
6. Chose MT6589_Android_scatter_emmc.txt from "target_bin" folder;
7. Press Firmware -> Upgrade.

8. Connect the phone (turned off) to PC, after pressing Upgrade.

More info: Forum Lenovo RU

This ROM it's from Lenovo Forum Rusia and it's not made by me!

!!!New version of Calendar:
1. Put the LenovoCalendar_2.0.500.1023_AOSP.zip archive on SD;
2. Reboot to recovery;
3. Install zip -> flash LenovoCalendar_2.0.500.1023_AOSP.zip in recovery;
4. Wipe cache / dalvik;
5. Reboot;
(6) Replace the calendar widget (is it's necessary).

!!!IdeaFriend New Version:
1. Put the archiveon SD;
2. Reboot to recovery;
3. Install zip -> flash IdeaFriend_v1.18.468.1104.04351_hdpi_AOSP.zip;
4. Wipe cache / dalvik;
5. Reboot.
I recommend to make a backup from recovery before install the new version of Contact Manager.

!!!Lenovo Launcher 3.2.3 :
Download: http://www.girlshare.ro/32989244.2 or from HERE

1. Flash in recovery, wipe (like in other cases).
You can keep some settings if you will backup the current launcher settings and then make a recovery in the new version.
News :
Online download themes;
Online download wallpaper;

Online download recommended apps;
Online update installed applications;
More visual effects, transitions;
Interface optimization.

!!!Lenovo Launcher 3.8.6:

Lenovo Launcher 3.8.6 it's from Vibe Z 
( https://www.youtube....yyrZ75NSY#t=199 )

For those who want to test it: DOWNLOAD

Instructions for installation:

1. BACKUP in Recovery (to prevent any issues);
2. Root browser;
3. Copy the .apk in system/app;
4. Delete old launcher;
5. Rename the copied .apk and set the permissions 0644;
6. Reboot in recovery -> wipe dalvik/cache.


Download : http://www.girlshare.ro/32990685.2 or from HERE

It contains :
1. LenovoMusic_v2.3.142.1014.ee5a4_AOSP.zip;
2. LenovoPower_1.3.10.0820_for_recovery.zip (it have to be tested, if it have some positive or negative influences (the battery life, speed, memory, etc.);
3. LenovoSafeCenter_4.2.6_for_recovery.zip (firewall, withoutantivirus).

All of them will be installed from recovery, and then wipe.

!!!Lenevo Update

Some Lenovo Apps updated. Download or AICI


All of them will be installed from recovery.

Please make backups before each modification!!!


Hey, sorry to bug you again, is this ROM for China base or ROW version too ? if its for China base, how can i install this on ROW phone ?

I know that is not a Chine base ROM. It is Russian based, and for example, if you are installing this LiFe, you can install all ROM's from Russia (for this model). But, you will not be able to install the MIUI ROM form needrom. The MIUI ROM has to be from Russian forum, or Russian based.
I hope that will be helpful for you.
But this ROM, will be installed from PC.

So this doesn't need any tools on Phone ? Can be flashed on a stock Phone then.

Hi, is Life ROM for P780 8GB or 4GB ? i have 8 gb, which rom i can flash ?

All the ROMs are for 4GB P780.
Sorry, but I don't know what you can install on 8GB phone.

When Power button + volume button up, to enter the recovery mode.

How do I change the recovery p780 phone. please help

Unkown, please read de FAQ first, and then ask!
http://lenovop780en.blogspot.ro/2014/01/faq.html (question 18)


Hey bro,
thanks for your posting and very helpfull.
regarding lenovo Pack and lenovo Update above, whether both of them could install on stock rom s124. i've tried install by cmw and the installation was abborted.
please help.

Hey Agund,
I am not sure that you can install these on stock ROMs.
This LiFe is not stock one. The Russian guys have mood it.

Hello, i still dont get it how can we delete the old launcher? because everytime i tried to uninstall it didnt work.

Hello Angela,
The stock launcher it can not be uninstalled.
You can try other launchers from Google Play ;)

Alex: Can u pls suggest me, which rom is the best u've tried. Im currently using Life rom on my P780 8gb ROW. Im searching for a rom that supports 3g connection on sim2. Reply me a.s.a.p, TQ!

Silver Fox, I suggest SLX, but I am not sure that it works on 8GB models...
If not, I don't know, MIUI it's ok, but if you like the interface.

Yes you're right:( that's so sad btw..

Salut Alex!

Hello everyone ...I've installed v07 some time ago now and I;m realy happy with it. A very annoying problem has raised. Both cards work great on voice, but when i'm trying to access the internet using data connection(on my local provider rcs-rds) doesn't work(the WIFI works great). The card is ok I;ve tested on a P770. On my P780 i've try to edit the APN but is not possible(not possible to add/remove/edit I;ve got a blank white screen with no add/edit options). Please reply if you have some details on this ....I realy love this rom ...and i don't want to change it...THANKS

Salut Pufi,
I didn't heard about your problem.
Please, come on Softpedia Forum threat for P780, and ask there. Maybe one of the colleagues from there know how to fix it...

Is this suitable for rooted or unrooted? i have my phone stock version and unrooted i want to upgrade my firmware to life v0.7 please help me

Kevin, thanks for the question.
Have you ever read the instructions?This ROM is ROOTED and it can be installed with FlashTools. Flash Tools practically write the ROM on the phone, so you don't have to bother if your actual ROM is rooted or not, or any thing.
Please read the instructions. There are very explicit and you will understand.

i follow the instructions here then i use the rom life v0.7 8g because my phone is 8gb then why is not working? hmm i so frustrated on the update last week my phone is getting suck battery life have been reduced 40 hours down to 20 hours. the P780_8gb_s222? do you know how can i fix it? please help

Kevin, I am sorry to hear that.
The problem is that I have P780 with 4GB, so I don't know what can be the problem...
I will search it on the web, and if I will find something, you will be noticed.

Best regards,

ok thanks alex! please inform me! i will wait

hey alex i successfully change my firmware to life v0.7 but how do i change it back? my storage 8gb now 4gb. how can i change it back to its original rom? P780_ROW_8gb_s222? is there any way?

Kevin, It's the same method like when you put LiFe ROM. With Flash Tool. You have just to find the P780_ROW_8gb_s222 for flashing it.

my phone is doomed hahaha! i use life v0.7 then i cannot master reset my phone my emmc is 0 how can i do this? i delete my OS but my emmc is still 0 OMG how to fix this? please alex teach me how huhuhu. when i open my phone its always blinking and restarting all over again and again. i have twrp but i dont know how fix master reset and bring back my original OS please help

vornicualex@gmail.com, you can find me on Hangouts also. Now I am at work, but I will try to help you after that.

message me in facebook borelakevin130@gmail.com i wait for your help i have a very serious problem thanks pal

maybe we talk about this in call? later thanks alex i'm from the philippines! lets talk in wechat video call LOL. very in need help

OMG i cant open my phone now i mess this thing hahahaha!

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