Sunday, February 09, 2014

Xperia HD

Xperia HD v2

Original forum: 4PDA
Info: Android version 4.2.2;
Baseband version: P780 v20; 
Kernel 3.4.5 .
Download: HERE
  • Deodexed;
  • Root;
  • Select SIM for calling; 
  • Port with Sony Xperia C (S39H);
  • Apps, themes, widgets from Sony;
  • Modem v20 (Europe).

It comes with xposed installer, gravity box, xblast and some apps from Xperia like playnow, xperia link, smart connect, sociallife news, etc.

  • No light on physical buttons;
  • Of there are any, please share.

  1. Copy the archive on the phone or SD memory;
  2. Restart in Recovery;
  3. Install the ROM from Recovery and then wipe data;
  4. Restart the phone.


Thanks for your interest.
I guess you can use 3rd party app for the alarm clock, if the default one is not working.

Is this compatible with lenovo p780 8g variant?

As far as I know this ROM is not compatible with the 8GB version of P780.
If do you want to install it, you are doing on your on risk.

Im tes this room but didnt work,still in lenovo room but cant launch the system.

good rom but i cannot insert my contacts. Call history is not working too

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